These rules govern submissions and participation for the RTE2020 Hackathon. 

  • All submissions must use an Agora SDK to qualify.
  • The hackathon will take place from August 1st 2020 to August 19th 2020. To be fair to all participants, all work must be done within the one-month period of the hackathon.
  • There is no cap on team size, but remember that any prize given is awarded to the team and it is up to you to decide how that prize is allocated among members.
  • All participants must be 18 years old at the beginning of the hackathon.
  • All valid submissions must include: public GitHub repository link, a presentation video, and the written description of your project (What is your project about? Where did you get the idea from? What problem are you solving? Who are your target users? What is your business model? etc.). 
  • The video has to include the demonstration of the app and should not be longer than 6 mins. 
  • Submissions will be displayed publicly, but you continue to own the intellectual property of any submissions.
  • The use of open-source software is encouraged. Please include an open-source license with all submissions.
  • All finalists will be publicly announced.
  • All winners have to open source their code to GitHub. 
  • Agora has the right to promote the event, winners, and the participants. 
  • All winners are invited to RTE2020 Virtual Conference to present. This is a requirement for redeeming the prize. 
  • All submission needs to include a presentation video and a GitHub link. 
  • The cash prize will be delivered through Paypal. There is a Paypal transaction fee implied in the prize redemption. 



Q: Do I own the IP if I win the Agora Hackathon?

A: The reason Agora participates in hackathons is to promote the Agora community. The code posted to the Agora Community GitHub, is meant to be open-sourced with prizes as a sign of gratitude for the contribution to the Agora community.

If you wish to continue using the code in a proprietary manner later, we can discuss this privately but no prizes will be awarded until the agreement is reached and the code has been reviewed.

Q: Do I have to use Agora's Video SDK to be qualified for the Agora Challenge?

A: You have to use at least one Agora SDK to be qualified for the Agora Challenge, but the challenge does not limit you to any single product. You are welcomed to use other 3rd party SDK or services for your project features.

Q: If I win this hackathon, how can I redeem the prize?

A: After we announce the winners, our team will contact you within 5 business days. There are requirements you must meet before we can process the prize. Please refer to the basic rules section in the hackathon description.


If you have any questions, please reach out to